Student Life

Student Activities

A. Types of Activities

  • Spiritual- These clubs impress on the mind of the students the necessity of communal worship as an indication that man reconizes his inherent dependence on God. They aim to focus the student’s attention on a hierarchy of values based on gospel truths and service of fellowmen. These activities are part of the Religion Education Program. Attendance, therefore, is required regardless of student’s religion.
  • Social- These clubs are intended to train the students to act properly in the company of others on various occasions, to make use of their leisure hours profitably and to show them how enriching the personhood and company of others can be.
  • Academic and Cultural- These clubs are supplements of classroom activities. They are intended to expand the intellectual and cultural horizon of students in the wider field of reality outside.
  • Sport- SSC-R believes in the saying “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” So, those who have developed their abilities in a specific sports and have expressed their interest in further increasing their skills may be selected to be part of one of the various varsity teams.

B. Clubs and Organizations
Club Assignments
1. Honor Society (3:55-4:44 pm)

  • English (Monday)
  • Mathematics (Tuesday)
  • Science (Wednesday)
  • Gen. Information (Thursday)

2. Youth for Christ (YFC)
3. Commentators and Lectors Guild
Knights of the Altar/Glee Club
4.Children of Mary
5.Young Earth Saver’s Club
6.Computer Whiz Kids
(1st & 2nd Year Levels)
7.Young Programmers’ Club
(3rd & 4th Year levels)
8.Culinary Arts
9.Sebastinian Artists’ Guild
10.Forensics Society
11.Speech Club
12.Sports Club
13.Terpsichorean Club
14.Boy Scouting
Fri: 4:00-6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00-12:00 nn
16.Rotary Interact Club
18.Dulanayan Theater Arts Guild
19.Samahang Pilipino
20.Peer Facilitatior’s Club
21.Numeric Club
(1st & 2nd Year Levels)
(3rd & 4th Year Levels)

* For Athletes Only
24. Chess ———————Mr.Homer Cunanan
25. Volleyball—————–Mr. Roger Gorayeb
26. Track and Field ———-Mr. Joselito Gando
27. Swimming —————-Mr.Fernando Yumul
28. Lawn Tennis ————-Mr. Niño Salvador
29. Table Tennis ————-Mr. Arsenio de Guzman
30. Basketball —————-Mr. Raymond Valenzona
31. Taekwondo —————Mr. Jesus Morales

Schedule : Every Friday – 3:45 pm to 4:25 pm