For an applicant to be qualified, he/she should pass the interview to be  conducted by the Principal/Heads.

All qualified examinees may get the application forms from the Secretary. The  accomplished forms should be submitted with these requirements:

For SSC – R Elementary Graduates

A. Graduates from the SSC – R Elementary Department are exempted from taking entrance examinations. However, they have to follow the proper procedure for reservation and enrollment.

B. Requirements for reservation to be submitted to the High School Guidance Center (only those who submitted complete requirements will be reserved)

1.Accomplished application form (forms are available at the HS Guidance Center).
2.Photocopy of report card, if reservation is made prior to release of the report card.
3.Original copy of report card should be submitted upon its release. Pupils with “red marks” shall submit a letter of recommendation from the principal and shall be placed under academic and/or disciplinary probation.
4.Certification of good moral character from the Principal, Guidance Counselor, or grade six adviser.
5.Medical Certificate
6.Latest ID picture (4copies, 1×1)

Applicants who fail to submit the above requirements particularly the original copy of the report card may be reserved if she/he pays a refundable deposit of Php 2,000.00 within the reservation period. This amount will be deducted from the student’s initial payment upon enrolment. No refunds will be issued after the registration period set for SSC Elementary graduates.

For Freshmen Applicants and Transferees

A. Present and submit the following requirements to the Office of the Principal. The applicant and parent/s should get ready for preliminary interview by the Principal or an authorized representative.

1.Photocopy of report card, if application is done before graduation from elementary.
2.Original Copy of report card, if application is done after graduation from elementary.
3.No failing grade in any of the grading periods.
4.Average in the first three quarters should at least be 80%.
5.Photocopies of birth and baptismal certificates (original copies must also be presented).
6.Medical Certificate
7.Certification of good moral character from the Principal, guidance Counselor, or grade six adviser.
8.Latest ID picture (4copies, 1×1) N.B. Requirements 5 – 8 are to be submitted when the applicant passes the screening procedure.